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  • Wear resistance tunsten carbide widia ring
Wear resistance tunsten carbide widia ring

Wear resistance tunsten carbide widia ring

Wear resistance tunsten carbide widia ring usually used as mechanical seal for bead mills,pumps,valves etc.Bullo Carbide produces many different design widia rings in several grade types including Cobalt-bonded grades and Nickel-Bonded grades.The sizes range can be OD ≤ 500mm X ID ≤ 400 mm X H ≤ 400mm and the shapes can be anyone as customer's request.


Wear resistance tunsten carbide widia ring

Rotating shafts require sealing systems to separate pressurized fluids, minimize the entry of debris into the operating medium, and prevent the loss of lubricants. A common solution to these problems is the mechanical face seal in which a rotating seal face and a stationary seal face comprise the seal.

Tungsten carbide,with its good mechanical strength, High hardness,Good resistant-Wearing, Good resistant corrosion,High fracture strength,High Thermal conductivity,Low coefficients of thermal expansion, it represents a versatile seal ring material that is broadly applied in all but the most acidic environments.

Bullo Carbide has produced thousands of seal ring designs over its 12 years production history and has the tooling and techniques to produce almost any design efficiently and economically.The common design such as plain ring shape,T-shape,O-Shape,U-types etc are our hot-sale shapes.The diameter of the ring achieving to 500 mm. And the common grades are Cobalt-Bonded and Nickel-Bonded.Typically 6% binder materials are used in tungsten carbide mechanical seal rings, although a wide range is available. Nickel-bonded tungsten carbide mechanical seal rings are more prevalent in the wastewater pump market due to their improved corrosion resistance compared with cobalt bound materials.

Common grades of tungsten carbide widia ring

Usually,we have below grades for your choosing,if you have special needs, please contact us for more details.








YG6≥9114.9 ≥1900K20
YG8 ≥9014.8≥2080K20
YN6  ≥88.514.5 ≥1800
YN8  ≥87.514.3≥2000

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