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Welcome to visit Zhuzhou Bullo Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd., your partner for tungsten carbide  wear-resistant parts. 

We are a modern enterprise integrating independent production and trade, and our expertise in the tungsten carbide wear parts industry began in 2008. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality certification system, owns standard modern factories, professional technical personnel, and advanced hard alloy production equipment. With years of research and development, the company has accumulated effective production and technical experience.

The company's advantages include the adoption of advanced technology for large-scale production to ensure strong supply capabilities; a powerful technical team to ensure timely and efficient development of new products; a comprehensive inspection system and equipment to guarantee high-quality products; and a professional sales team to ensure quality after-sales service. Stable quality and satisfactory service are the eternal commitments of Zhuzhou Bullo Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. The company adheres to the philosophy of "high quality, integrity, improvement, and innovation" and is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to our customers.

Our company's main business of tungsten carbide wear-resistant parts is mainly divided into two categories: cutting tools and solid carbide wear-resistant parts. Specifically, it includes tool products such as carbide rotary files and circular saw blades; standard wear-resistant parts such as hard alloy rods and plates; parts for the chemical industry such as tungsten carbide pins and rings for horizontal sand mill,bead mill; grinding and crushing wear-resistant parts such as carbide grinding jars, grinding discs, and carbide balls; parts for the oil and gas industry such as tungsten carbide button, tungsten carbide composite rods, plum teeth, rotors, and stators; special pump and valve wear-resistant parts such as carbide bushings, valve cores, valve seats, etc., and of course,we also have CNC inserts and milling cutters.

Zhuzhou Bullo Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd is committed to providing solutions for sintered carbide products under harsh conditions through excellent precision machining, manufacturing, and engineering technology. We are able to flexibly meet the needs of customers and provide professional advice to find personalized solutions that guarantee the best results. Welcome all customers to negotiate and cooperate!




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