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  • Tungsten carbide grinding jar
Tungsten carbide grinding jar

Tungsten carbide grinding jar

*Tungsten carbide grinding jar also called tungsten carbide grinding ball mill,mainly composed of carbide and cobalt two substances, with ultra-high hardness, the hardness of ultra-high stainless steel more than 10 times.
*Cemented carbide has the characteristics of super high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Especially in the hardness and wear resistance has a huge advantage, at 500 ℃ high temperature, basically unchanged, at 1000 ℃ high temperature also has ultra-high hardness.


Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jars

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jar, also known as cemented carbide grinding jar, tungsten carbide grinding ball mill,consists of wolfram carbide and cobalt, which is famous for its super hardness. With great abrasion resistance, Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jars and Balls is well made for grinding under laboratory environment without contaminating samples.

Bullo Carbide providing customers with high-quality Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jars and Balls in various sizes on the market,

Standard or cutomized tungsten carbide grinding jar are both available.Vacuum and Antivacuum grinding jars are both available.

Specifiction of Tungsten Carbide grinding jar 



Note:Aboce specification are both available for Vacuum and Antivacuum grinding jars.Customized sizes are also available.

Gades for tungsten carbide grinding jar.








YG6≥9114.9 ≥1900K20
YG8 ≥9014.8≥2080K20
YN6  ≥88.514.5 ≥1800
YN8  ≥87.514.3≥2000

Each grinding jar and ball includes 4 grinding jars with lids, rubber sealing gaskets, and grinding balls. Shipping and handling are free when ordered together with a planetary ball mill. For grinding in vacuum or inert gas environment, stainless steel vacuum jacket will be required for all kinds of grinding jars except for vacuum jars made from Stainless Steel.

Note: The size of grinding balls can be customized under agreement,details please check good of our tungsten carbide ball.

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jars and Balls Applications

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jars and Balls has been widely used in various fields such as medical treatment, food, electrics, material, machinery, and chemical industry. It can be used to grind the following materials: iron, aluminum, cobalt, chromium, plumbum, tungsten, molybdenum, magnesium, copper, tin, alumina, zirconia, silicon, carbon, etc.