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  • Tungsten carbide rotor and stator
Tungsten carbide rotor and stator

Tungsten carbide rotor and stator

Tungsten carbide rotor and stator
Common size:3.44",4.125"
Material:Tungsten carbide,contact us for suitable specific grade


Tungsten carbide (also called widia),due to its special physical properties,the potential applications for it is endless. Especially for wear parts.Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard material, almost as hard as diamond. Its high hardness, 700 to 2000

 Hv30 (84-94 RA), together with its resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosion and abrasion makes it invaluable in many industrial and engineering applications where it is used to increase component wear life.

Bull carbide supply LWD&MWD carbide components including tungsten carbide rotor and stator,which are mainly used in vertical well drilling tools, pulse drilling tools, hydraulic oscillator, and LWD &MWD with the function of flow diversion, flush

resistance and seal of the slurry and indicate the slurry pressure and pulse signal.

We've listed below some of the components prone to wear that we make to order in tungsten carbide (widia). This list is meant to give you an indication of our capabilities and is certainly not exhaustive:

Mushroom head (main valve core) in LWD & MWD

flow restriction ring

nose cap

flow divider

flow spacer sleeve,

pulse valve


upper and lower

bearing sleeve, wear sleeve, and other mechanical parts

We manufacture components in different shapes and sizes to match our customers’ requirements exactly, whether they need blocks or sheets, cylinders, bearings, tips or teeth.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to explore the option of using a tungsten carbide alternative to replace a specific component. We supply 100% customized parts made to the supplied specifications. In the process, we recommend the

appropriate tungsten carbide grade for each application.