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  • Circular saw blade for V cutting
Circular saw blade for V cutting

Circular saw blade for V cutting

Circular saw blade for V cutting, as a tool in the electronics industry, also known as PCB board V-CUT micro engraving blade, VCUT blade, micro engraving blade. It is also referred to by names such as V-groove blade or V-slot blade. It is mainly used as a hard alloy tool for VCUT operations on multi-element circuit boards on PCB V-CUT machines.


Description of Circular saw blade for V cutting

The tungsten carbide V-CUT blade(Circular saw blade for V cutting) is made of refined cemented carbide. Cemented carbide 

is a material made by mixing high-quality tungsten carbide and cobalt powder througha formulated ratio, followed by pressing and

 sintering toform a hard alloy disc. Then, advanced cemented carbide grinding techniques are employed to manufacture cutting tools.

Cemented carbide is categorized based on grain size, including ordinary cemented carbide, fine-grained cemented carbideand sub-micro, ultra-fine-grained cemented carbide. It can also be classified by its main chemical components, such as tungsten 

carbide-based cemented carbide and titanium carbide-based cemented carbide. Tungsten carbide-based cemented carbide includes 

three types: tungsten-cobalt (YG), tungsten-cobalt-titanium (YT)and rare carbide-added (YW) types. Each type has its advantages and 

disadvantages, with the main components being tungsten carbide (WC), titanium carbide (TiC),niobium carbide (NbC)and the common 

metallic binder phase being cobalt (Co). Titanium carbide-based cemented carbide is a hard alloy mainly composed of TiC,

with molybdenum (Mo) and nickel (Ni) commonly used as the metallic binder phase.

Product Advantages:

High Hardness (86~93 HRA, equivalent to 69~81 HRC) second only to diamond, excellent thermal hardness (can reach 900~1000°C, 

maintaining 60HRC); high bending strength (5100 MPa), good impact toughness, and extremely high chemical inertness and corrosion 

resistance, which are characteristics not found in general alloy blades.

The precision-ground tungsten steel V-CUT tool has high smoothness, sharp cutting edge, and high wear resistance. Its service life is 

20 to 150 times higher than that of alloy tool steel. It can cut hard materials with a hardness of about 50 HRC.


Cutting double-sided copper-clad PCB boards, aluminum substrates, and copper substrates.

It is also suitable for cutting V-grooves in other industry series PCB boards.


1.The stable V-CUT machine must be installed correctly and securely, with no shaking or swinging movement.

2.The V-CUT blade should be installed properly and securely, with the height gap adjusted appropriately.

3.Adjust the vertical and horizontal distances according to the requirements in the V-CUT machine operation manual until they are within 

acceptable limits.

4.Adjust the spacing of the baffles according to the requirements in the V-CUT machine operation manual until they are within acceptable limits.

5.Adjust the cutting depth and remaining thickness depth according to the requirements in the V-CUT machine operation manual until they are within 

 acceptable limits.

6.During automatic V-CUT machine production, the following rotational speeds are generally used: 

a) A rotational speed of 3000rpm is commonly used. b) It is recommended to use a rotational speed of 5000-7500rpm. 

c) For PCB boards with a thickness of 0.4mm, a rotational speed of 5000rpm is suggested for the best results, with a Cpk value of 3.71.

d) For PCB boards with a thickness of 0.7mm, a rotational speed of 7500rpm is suggested for the best results, with a Cpk value of 3.71. 

As the performance of V-CUT machines may vary, different V-CUT machines may have different working rotational speeds. It is recommended

 that each PCB manufacturer conduct targeted tests based on their purchased V-CUT machine and the characteristics of their own products to 

determine the most reasonable working rotational speed for the V-CUT machine.

7.Pay attention to the feeding speed: The feeding speed is recommended to be adjusted within the range of 300 to 500mm/second.

8.Strictly follow the "Maintenance and Maintenance Regulations of V-CUT Machines" for daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance work, including

 specific maintenance and inspection items such as electrical component functionality check, drive section inspection, protective device inspection, 

and mechanical device inspection.

Professional Production Equipment

Zhuzhou Bullo Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd has various types of processing equipment, including CNC grinding machining centers, universal tool grinders,

 electrochemical tool grinders, universal 

external cylindrical grinders, centerless grinders, internal cylindrical grinders, and various types of CNC specialized grinders. We provide our valued customers 

with high-quality and cost-effective products.

Advanced Inspection Equipment

The company possesses various types of inspection equipment, such as digital profile projectors, digital high-magnification microscopes, hardness testers, and 

milling cutter testing equipment. Our products undergo 100% full inspection, ensuring the high quality of our products before leaving the factory.

We always adhere to a technology-oriented approach, utilizing advanced techniques and European quality standards, optimizing production process management, 

aiming at international advanced standards, and pursuing a path of quality to promote our brand.








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